The power of Food

I use the power of food and it is no secret. Healthy eating is a subject that is close to my heart. Several years ago, I had some health problems. I have been following my doctor’s recommendations religiously ever since. Yet, I try to do everything to help myself get better. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to improve my well-being.

I am not a dietitian. Nor a doctor, but I have studied health science. I can understand more about it than someone who has a degree in finance.

This article is an informative and educational document. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. The specialists mentioned were not notified of this project prior to publication. I received no compensation or benefits for writing this column.

I received no compensation or benefits for writing this column. We’ve all been dreaming of the fountain of youth for millennia, but what these specialists have to say is very interesting and worth sharing.

I have been seeing a trend in medicine for some time. There is a lot of talk about inflammation and the microbiome.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a reaction of the body caused by an agent that can be a virus, a bacterium, a trauma, a mosquito bite, etc.

Let me give you an example. You have a minor accident: you fall on your knee. You have a bleeding wound. A few hours later, there is swelling on your knee. It is red, hot and painful. It is inflammation. It’s part of the healing process, like the scab that forms on the wound.

When the inflammation is inside your body, you can’t see the redness or the swelling. But you can feel it as well as pain and heat. When the inflammation is heavy, you will be sick. But if it’s not severe, you may feel it more or less. And if it is persistent, you will get used to it and tolerate it.

From my reading, I comprehend that an unhealthy diet can create and promote mild and persistent inflammation. We then say it is chronic. That’s what the medical research says. And doctors remind us of this all the time.

Healing with the power of food

Now you have an idea of inflammation. Let’s talk about healing.

I go back to the knee, for example.

You disinfect the wound and put on a bandage. If it’s too unpleasant, you take Tylenol for the pain. You know that in a few days, your knee will be fine. You understand it was not the bandage or the Tylenol that worked to rebuild the skin broken in the accident! Nor to remove the swelling and redness.

That is an obvious fact that we often forget. It is the medication that restores. It helps, but our human body is fantastic and does all the work.

There is nothing more frustrating than a doctor who says: “It will heal itself!” Yet, it is a great truth!

Mark Hyman

I’ve already told you about Dr. Mark Hyman. You can read my article here.

I discovered other doctors who value the same interest in alimentation with some variations.

Will Bulsiewicz

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is a young gastroenterologist from Charleston, North Carolina. He recommends a vegan diet, which means no animal products. That is even more restrictive than vegetarianism, where you don’t eat meat, fish or poultry. Since graduating from university, he has been passionate about the gut microbiome. It is the quantity and quality of bacteria that populate our digestive system. The gastroenterology world studied the microbiome more than ever.


Fiber fueled (credit photo Phrenssynnes)

And they are discovering more and more the importance it has on our health. I read the book Dr. Bulsiewicz published: Fiber fueled. A book that my daughter loaned to me.

Brooke Goldner

Dr. Brooke Goldner, M.D., reveals a personal and professional experience. She graduated in medicine from Temple University in Philadelphia. At the age of sixteen, she began suffering from lupus. Now, her blood tests have shown that her disease is gone. And that’s thanks to the diet she developed with her husband, Thomas Tadlock. He has a master’s degree in “Exercise Science and health promotion.” He is a professional trainer.

Jacqueline Lagacé's book (credit photo Phrenssynnes)

Jacqueline Lagacé

Jacqueline Lagacé is the author of several books about “hypo-toxic” eating. She has an impressive CV. Mrs. Lagacé has a Ph.D. in virology and post-doctoral studies in immunology and bacteriology. She has been a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal and a researcher. Doctor Lagacé brings a wealth of knowledge from her professional and personal experience. She has rheumatoid arthritis.

These four specialists all state that mild, chronic inflammation makes us suffer. That causes inflammatory problems, such as osteoarthritis, asthma, allergies, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Lifestyle and the power of food

They say that it is our lifestyle that can cause this inflammation. Some people may be more fragile than others. It can reflect in different ways, depending on our genetic heritage. These professionals focus on excellent nutrition to improve our condition. According to them, changing our diet is a big part of the key to success for our well-being.

That does not replace the medication prescribed by your doctor. I recommend you do as I did and follow your doctor’s advice.

Focusing on a good lifestyle is a way to take charge of our lives. We have to take responsibility for our health and be a part of its management. The body has a natural healing system. We need to help it.

Inflammation and flooding

Let’s take an example. An optometrist’s office gets flooded. After the floods pass, everything will be out of place, messy, dirty and littered. The office will no longer be functional. They need to do an enormous amount of work to clean everything up and put it back in good condition.

The flood is the inflammation, and the clean-up is the healing process.

But if there is only a slight but constant water infiltration. If it’s not in a central place in the room, maybe nobody will notice. And it could be neglected. You understand that this will degenerate and create damage.

You understood my metaphor. The body is the optometrist’s office, and the flooding or infiltration is the inflammation. The healing process is cleaning.

Final thought

Industrial food and junked food creates mild and chronic inflammation. The professionals mentioned above have many scientific references on this subject. The healing mechanism needs good nutrients to work.

A quick and easy way to improve is to consume healthy smoothies. I’m not saying that eating large amounts of spinach will relieve all your ailments. But it’s a small step for you and a big step for your health!

The Power of Food in a Smoothie


  • Spinach or kale
  • Fruit: banana, mango, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple, etc.
  • 2 tablespoons of chia or ground flax seeds or hulled hemp seeds.
  • Soft silken tofu (optional)


Preparation step by step

Step 1

Fill your blender container with approximately 50–75% spinach or kale and 50–25% fruit.

Step 2

Grind everything in a blender to the desired texture. 

Step 3

If it’s too thick, add water. For the tofu, I use half a package.

No, I don’t put dairy, ice cream or sugar. Not even maple syrup and no honey either.

This photo shows a smoothie made with soft silken tofu, banana, spinach, mango, chia, and lime juice. I prefer my smoothie to be thick. I can eat it with a spoon like a yogurt.

It’s a treat to enjoy for breakfast or as a snack.

You’ll understand that spinach or kale gives the final product a green colour. And, if you use red or purple fruit, such as blackberries, the whole thing takes on an unappealing hue. But, I guarantee you that my husband has tested and approved its different variations! The fruity taste takes over.

That will help your system. It can use a little boost!

Bon appétit!

Green tofu smoothie (credit photo Phrenssynnes)