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Hello, I’m Phrenssynnes.

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Do you have a couple of spare moments? Are you waiting at the dentist’s or the grocery store?

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As you sip your coffee, come and discover an itinerary for your next road trip, the recipe you’re looking for to entertain your friends, the book you’ll bring on vacation or which series to watch on Netflix. Or how to find the solution to sleep better, or how to reconcile family and work?


Phrenssynnes et l'art urbain (crédit photo Lhom)

Here, you’ll discover articles that will sometimes make you smile. And helping you to be happier, enjoy life and feel good. It’s like a little treat!

Share, tell your friends and family. Or maybe to the nice person in front of you in line!

To get to know me better, read “Who the hell is Phrenssynnes?” or see my “Now page”.




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Edith Wharton, who the hell is Edith Wharton

I chose to talk to you about Edith Wharton because I like to read the works of American women novelists.  I discovered her in this book offered by my sister or my parents during one of my birthdays. Who is Edith Wharton? First of all, she was born in New York in 1862...

Phrenssynnes’s Homemade Granola

Make this easy recipe for your loved one. Look at the ingredients in this homemade granola and, you’ll know it’s good for your health.

Who the hell is Brittany Brexit?

Red, shiny and very British, I am Phrenssynnes' gleaming mini-Cooper.  I was conceived in Oxford, United Kingdom. Yes, my dear, in 2016 at the same time as Phrenssynnes was visiting the famous university.  Bloody hell! We could have met! She had to wait until the day...

The Magic Twist to Make an Old Muffin Recipe Healthier and Delicious

The Magic Twist to Make an Old Muffin Recipe Healthier and DeliciousCheese muffin recipe About this RecipeThis week’s topic is my fabulous cheese muffin recipe. I learned this recipe in a “family science” class! This is what one of my high school courses was called. I...

Why you should have a Now page

Now page? Most websites have an About link. That leads to a page that introduces us to the person or the company operating the site. They have a Contact link. It is a page telling us how to contact the person or the company. If you want to transmit the present passion...

Your Music and People: Creative and Considerate Fame

Derek Sivers In 2020, I had the privilege of reviewing the French translation of Derek Sivers’ book. I will tell you, at the outset, that my compensation was to have a free electronic copy. Which I was hoping for... because I found it very interesting. Remember, I...

How to write a love letter in 5 easy steps

The love letter How to express your feelings towards your lover, whether on Valentine's Day or any other time of year? May I suggest the love letter? What could be more romantic than giving a passionate handwritten missive? It will be more ardent than a text message....

The fun of baking cupcakes for Easter

Easter cupcakes Easter is coming soon. It's also time to fill out our tax returns. I'll suggest a much more fun activity when you're done with your tax obligations, of course. It's always fun to create original things to celebrate the arrival of spring. Easter...

Florence Foster Jenkins, a Unique Artist Who Touched Me Literally

How a bad singer got me out of my writing block These days, I have difficulty finding inspiration, so I decided to listen to a movie. Some people will say it’s procrastination, but consuming culture makes me feel like writing. A muse tickles my fingers when I visit a...

What Takes Your Breath Away? An Inspirational Quote From Alfred Hitchcock

A quote from Alfred HitchcockLife is not just about breathing. It’s also about being breathless. Alfred HitchcockSir Alfred Hitchcock, according to Wikipedia, “was a British film director, screenwriter and producer, naturalized American in 1955, born August 13, 1899,...

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