The Now pages are a great idea from Derek Sivers

What am I doing now?

Home Routine now

Lhom, the family barista, always makes me his delicious coffee in the morning.

Latte coffee
Latte coffee

For those interested, I usually eat organic oatmeal cooked in almond milk.  I add a teaspoon of maple syrup and a tablespoon of shelled hemp seeds.

My oatmeal

I try to walk for an hour a day and have been doing quite well since the confinement.  I also do muscle strengthening exercises.  Julie Baird’s training is a very good site and these exercises are excellent for my back, even though I am not one of her target clients!


These days, I am developing my account, where I have published a few articles.

I have a new domain name:

I invite you to follow me:

Thank you for reading me on

You are invited to have a look at my Instagram

Phrenssynnes on Pinterest

Phrenssynnes on Twitter

I’ve been working on my SEO to increase the visibility of my blog.

I am working on the translation of my blog. Soon, you will find more and more articles in English.

And I just updated my “now” page. Ah! Ah!


After a long and deep reflection, I decided to quit my job as an optometrist.  I will now focus on my blog, writing and sports.  This winter, I did a lot of downhill skiing. Now, with the summer weather, I just started running again.

The star of the day

Vegetable garden

I did not escape the latest fashion and, I made a small vegetable garden with the precious collaboration of Lhom. We have already tasted some lettuce leaves!

The Now pages are a great idea from Derek Sivers


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