Welcome to my blog and read this if you want to know more about me.

I love lemon, reel tea and, lavender is my favourite flower. I collect lipstick and glasses. I love British novels with a more Brontë tendency than Austen. Also, detective novels. I live in Canada. Yes, I know, you don’t give a damn about all that!

When I speak of Lhom, he is the man of my life. Juny and Kit4 are my two daughters. And Brittany Brexit is my car.

Phrenssynnes avec chapeau en Floride
Phrenssynnes in Florida


In the menu Culture, you will find posts on reviews books, films or TV series evaluations or art.


I’m not a nutritionist but a bit much manic to eat healthily. So, you will find articles about nutrition, my favourite recipes, restaurant reviews in the Food section.

Sharing and writing

In Sharing and writing, you will read about meditation, quotes, happiness and all the things I love to learn. Sometimes extracts from my writing projects.


In the section, Travels, you will find texts of our escapades with my car and our other expeditions.

One last word, you have all my gratitude and, I am so grateful to have you as faithful readers. This important project for me is possible thanks to you. Thank you for your attention and your time. I would like you to know that I love having your comments.

There you go! You have everything you need to browse my site.



P.S. For any collaboration, you can contact me at fboilard@live.ca

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