Now page?

Most websites have an About link. That leads to a page that introduces us to the person or the company operating the site.

They have a Contact link. It is a page telling us how to contact the person or the company.

If you want to transmit the present passion of your life, a now page on your website is what you need.

Examples of a now page

To see examples, go to: It’s a site where all the people who have created a now page on their site gathered. If you scroll through the photos, you will find me with the same avatar as the one in my blog.

On a now page, we explain what interests us at this present moment in our personal, professional life or both. It’s a bit like what we would say to a friend who we’ve seen for a long time.

Derek Sivers Now Page

The original idea came from Derek Sivers.

Want to find out the story of this site created in 2015? Go to this link: The story of the now page.

According to Derek Sivers, such a page is helpful because people visiting our site want to know more about us. It’s not a social network or an advertising site. It’s not a company.

Navigating gives us a glimpse of what people are experiencing and what they’re interested in presently. When we have a website, we can promote it through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. But we’re vulnerable to the algorithm changes of these giant companies and, we have no control.

I have been blogging for almost three years. A way to develop my blog is to improve relationships with my audience. Find out who they are, and interact with them. And the now page is a good way for them to know what’s going on in my life.

When I browse different blogs myself, I realized I always look at who is behind the site.

I have had my now page since 2020. I don’t promise to update it daily, but regularly. I invite you to visit this page: now page of Phrenssynnes.

Are you going to create your own? Let me know!


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