Lenox, Massachusetts

Are you familiar with the town of Lenox, Massachusetts?

New England is not just about Old Orchard Beach or Ogunquit.

My husband and I visited Lenox a few years ago and went back recently. And this time with Brittany Brexit because it is a good area for a convertible road trip.

I suggest the town of Lenox as a place to stay. This little town is halfway between Albany, New York and Springfield, Massachusetts. We went there in the fall, but it is a great vacation destination to discover in the summer. It is about a five-hour drive from Montreal and three-hour from New York. If you are driving from the Big Apple, route number 7 is delightful.

Hiking activities near Lenox

This area is a paradise for those who love to walk in the mountains.
Appalachian Trail
You can hike a portion of the famous Appalachian Trail, an approximately 3500 km long hiking trail between Maine and Georgia.

Kennedy Park

Lenox, un bel endroit (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Kennedy Park is a forest owned by the city of Lenox. There is approximately 24 km of groomed trails, a place for walking or picnicking.

Olivia’s Overlook

You can also hike at Olivia’s Overlook. You will enjoy the view with the stimulating hike.

ViewOlivia's Overlook (credit photo Phrenssynnes)

Massachusett Audubon’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is quite an easy walk. However, it is an extraordinary place to observe the fauna. We saw deer and birds. You may see beavers if you are lucky. Even though we only saw their houses. I was also impressed by the trees eaten by the beavers.

Cultural visit In Lenox, Massachusetts


We loved the Lenox area for its rich history and culture.

Herman Melville house

Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, lived in the town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, from 1850 to 1863. It is about a ten-minute drive north of Lenox. Make sure you wear good shoes because you can walk on the same trails that Melville walked on during that time!

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Edith Wharton lived in Lenox

In Lenox, you can visit The Mount, the home of Edith Wharton, the 19th-century American writer. She lived there for about a decade; the house is glorious. She wrote Ethan Frome in this magnificent mansion. Henry James visited her in the early 1900s.

I love to read, before my travel, novels set in the places I am visiting.
Here you have two suggestions for reading before your trip if you would like to do the same as me.


Tanglewood is the summer concert hall of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Before you leave home, check the schedule at Tanglewood, as you may see a performance there by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which performs there during the summer.

assiette et livre de Rockwell(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Norman Rockwell

Do you like Norman Rockwell? You will recognize his style in the photos of these souvenirs I brought back. Do not hesitate to explore his museum in nearby Stockbridge. As you see his studio while visiting, you will understand why this artist chose this location to create. Nature is so beautiful.

Botanical Garden

In Stockbridge, a bit further north, you may visit the Berkshire Botanical Garden. We did not stop by, but the garden is open from the first of May until the end of October.

Ventfort Hall

Another place not to be missed to complete your stay is Ventfort Hall. It is an extraordinary Jacobethan-style mansion built for the sister of J. P. Morgan, an American banker and financier who died in 1913.

VentfortHall (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

The Berkshire region is a good destination if you are like me and love literature, hiking and road trips.

Have you ever been there? 



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