February is a month when you may be experiencing a drop in energy. You are feeling the weariness of winter, the holiday season is over, and you are dreaming of spring. A few activities chase away the blues and spice up your winter.

1- Listen to the Superbowl

You’re not a football fan, but that’s okay. It’s a time to party, cook or do something with friends.
Listen to this short video of Tom Brady, a famous quarterback who broke several records. It may convince you to watch the game. He is so handsome. Unfortunately, his team will not be participating in the Superbowl in 2023.
Cook Sloppy Joe’s, ribs or chicken wings and the traditional Superbowl night chilli.
We eat in the living room in front of the TV! And drink beer. Yes!
Cheers! Your lovers will love it.

2-Hiking in february

Come on, let’s put aside our computers, tablets and cell phones and go play outside.
If you’re lucky enough like me to live in a northern country, look for a place where you can go hiking in the woods. You take ski poles with you and can say that you enjoy a new sport: Nordic walking!
Good for your health and morale. You will feel invigorated afterwards.
Randonnée d'hiver (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
Coin confort Hygge pour l'hiver (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

3- Practicing hygge in february

Here is the definition from Wikipedia:
“Hygge (pronounced [y.ɡœ]) is a word of Danish and Norwegian origins referring to a sense of well-being, a cheerful mood, and a warm, intimate atmosphere. Hygge is a positive state of mind provided by a moment that is considered comforting, pleasant and friendly.”
This term is Danish and is hard to translate into other languages.
We could say that in Quebec, we call it cocooning.
For the Danes, it is not only a state of mind, a simple evening with friends. That is a way of life. They decorate their homes with that philosophy and arrange their life and meals.
Here are some links to help you discover it:

4-The sister-in-law’s trick for february

During the week, when we go to work, we are not always very motivated. And in February, at the end of the winter, we are often a little blasé. A trick from my sister-in-law (another one, not the one quoted in Christmas Sweets and Holiday Magic).
You may only be able to use this trick next year but try to remember it. When you go shopping, in the fall, for your winter clothes, plan a piece that you will reserve. Yes, you got it right, you won’t wear it at all from winter.
And in February, when you’re having a little melancholy attack or at the time of your choice, you do it. You’ll pull out your jacket, scarf, shirt or vest that you’ve been saving. It will be your sunshine of the day. Try it on, and let me know how it goes.

5- Quebec City Carnival

You are welcome to visit us in Quebec City! In February, it’s the Quebec Winter Carnival. There are many activities. Family, outdoors, music, nightlife, and epicureans are the different themes of these activities.
Bring warm clothes because, in Quebec City, it’s freezing. You must dress like an onion, that is to note, with several layers. For those who live far away, have you ever walked in the snow when it is polar cold? The snow makes noise under our steps.
Le Bonhomme Carnaval de Québec (Capture écran de Phrenssynnes)
And, if it’s cold enough, you will have to feel your nostrils sticking together! Ah! Ah! I don’t wish you that.
Here is the link for the Quebec carnival:
If the Carnival didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.
I wish you a good month of February. What were your favourites activities?