Planning for the holiday

 The secret to stress-free entertaining is planning. The best way to do this is to make a comprehensive list of things to do and schedule them on your calendar.

 You’ll also want to check the hours of operation of the businesses where you’ve ordered.

 Have someone other than you do last-minute shopping if possible. It would be disappointing to hit your nose on the door at the baker who made your yule log.

 Mark your schedule for when to take certain things out of the freezer.

 Confirm arrival times with your guests.


 Ask for and accept aid


 For the holidays, the key to having fun is working together as a team. Tell the kids that they are to be the elves who help mom!

 And if the sister-in-law offers to bring dessert, we’ll accept! But remember to stay in control of your kitchen. If the room turns into a mess and that gives you more work to do, we’re no better off.


 Have a strategic plan


 When setting the menu, don’t forget your budget. How many guests will you host? Is anyone have food allergies? Simplicity is an important key. It’s possible to have a festive, easy prep, ahead-of-time dish. Try to cook everything, or almost, before the day of the party. Putting colour to a plate will give a Christmassy look. Add touch with basilic leaves, cherry tomato, cranberry, olive. Green and red are holiday colours.

 Check your cooking times to ensure no temperature conflicts and only one oven!

 If you’re entertaining a smaller number of people, you can have a more elaborate meal. Yet, save the gastronomic experiments that need impressive skill for another time. You want to make great memories. You don’t desire family and friends to remember for years how you messed up this recipe on Christmas Eve 2021.



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 For a large group, consider having a simmered dish. Or plan a meal that doesn’t need too much last-minute manipulation.

 You’ll also want to get all the dishes and serving utensils out in advance. Climbing on a chair to rummage through the top of your cabinets in your sexy little dress is not ideal. And it will avoid the nasty comments from those who are starting to get tipsy!


 Divide the tasks between the elves


 On the morning of the big day, make the cooking schedule for each food as detailed as possible. We want everything to be in sync.

 Place cold drinks in the refrigerator and prepare ice cubes.

 We plan to put more toilet paper in the bathroom.

 We decide who will shovel the entrance so we can be welcoming.

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 Look or feel like a pro for the holiday!


 You will also plan in the program a moment to shower, to make yourselves beautiful and to rest a little to be dazzling!



Thank you for your reading and I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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