How we did it with a Convertible Mini Cooper

A Road Trip

Is a Mini Cooper large enough for travel? Think again! Brittany Brexit is amazing. Lhom and I drive to Ogunquit or anywhere else, with chairs, an umbrella, a cooler, and suitcases. The whole shebang. One of my friends doubted it, but after several escapades, we proved ourselves.

My dream of a trip to the beach with my miniature car forced me to reconsider my convictions. I share with you a summary of the inner sermon with which I chastised myself.

“Phrenssynnes, can’t you part with your blow dryer, shampoo, and your entire beauty kit?”

Accept a not-so-perfect hair and makeup look. Who knows? As you rack your brains to minimize your baggage, you may discover tricks to make your life easier, even in your usual routine. Let go of your crazy and let your hair curl.

You’re going on a vacation!

You’re not a professional model going on a photo shoot and you won’t be posing on the cover of a magazine.

And you don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe.

Boucler son mini bolide(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Tips and tricks for a happy road trip


After this reframing, here are the satisfying tips and compromises I’ve developed and discovered along the way.


diffuseur de voyage(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Hair dryer tip

Are you familiar with this item? It’s a tip that a colleague passed on to me. You insert it at the end of the dryer. It replaces the huge diffuser you use at home. Yep, you need to convince yourself to use the hair dryer provided at your accommodation.

Road trip compromises.

Focus on as little makeup as possible. Do you bring an eyebrow pencil? I don’t. However, I bring at least two tubes of lipstick. Ah! ah! You know I love it.

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Check with your cosmetician to see if she can sell you the solid instead of a liquid version of your soap or other favourite product.

Taking a bike trip to a different continent is the height of minimalism. I know friends who love this and they have inspired me. They use their sunscreen as a moisturizer and their only makeup becomes a mascara stick! Period. I’m not that extreme, but you get the idea.

Buy travel-sized sanitary products. Put liquid bottles in a double bag to avoid messes in the suitcase.

I place belts on the bottom of the luggage.

Wear your bulky shoes during the trip. Don’t put them in the suitcase.

You’ll think I’m annoying, but the only piece of jewelry I bring is what I wear.

You download your reading material to your tablet or e-reader.

How to pack a suitcase for a road trip

I suggest this folding technique to store your clothes in a suitcase. It will be easier for you to view your clothes. Roll up larger items like pants and parkas. You can use rubber bands so they are tighter and don’t unroll.

I try to think of a multi-layer system rather than bringing a warmer windbreaker.

première étape(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
faire un rectangle(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
étape de pliage(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
pliage de tee-shirt(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
tee-shirt étape finale (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Favour light fabric clothing that will dry quickly if needed.

Remember to bring a dedicated laundry bag.

I don’t use packing cubes in the suitcase because I find it takes up space.

I put socks in shoes and shoes in a bag so I don’t get my laundry dirty. You can put your underwear in a hat or a pocket.

Choose colour-coordinated outfits so you can mix and match.

If possible, use transparent pouches for your beauty and hygiene products. It’s quicker and more convenient when you can see through them.

We found a soft, foldable cooler.

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Packing for the road trip


We split our luggage into a large suitcase and a baise-en-ville-style travel bag (I find this French expression so funny!) We put the suitcase in the back seat and the more flexible travel bag in the trunk.

Empaquetage de l'auto 4 (crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
Sac de voyage(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)


The beach chairs fit in the space between the front and rear seats. We store diagonally the parasol. The roof of the car opens and closes without hindrance.

Empaquetage de l'auto 3(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)
Empaquetage de l'auto1(crédit photo Phrenssynnes)

Think and plan before your road trip

Think about it and discuss it with your friends. You will find acceptable compromises.

 I know you plan what suit you. Everyone has their priorities.

 The principle of a trip is to get a change of scenery, to discover new landscapes. Getting away from our daily routine is a great way to dust ourselves off.

 Especially, after these years of the pandemic.

Photo by Lhom

My husband, Lhom selects a photo every week on Phrenssynnes’ blog. Here is the one he chooses for this post. Equinox Pound in Vermont.

Equinox Pound au Vermont(crédit photo Lhom)

What about you? What are your tips? Did I forget any? Don’t hesitate, I love reading your comments.

I wish you a good trip.


P.S. There are no affiliate links in this post and I have not received any financial compensation.