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A quote from Alfred Hitchcock

Life is not just about breathing. It’s also about being breathless.

Alfred Hitchcock

Sir Alfred Hitchcock, according to Wikipedia, “was a British film director, screenwriter and producer, naturalized American in 1955, born August 13, 1899, in Leytonstone, London, and died April 29, 1980, in Bel Air, Los Angeles.”

I love this quote from Alfred Hitchcock! And when do I get breathless? It happens when I discover or admire a new landscape. And it often happens when I travel.

I have a memory from a visit to California. We were driving on a highway with an incredible view of the sea. The ocean was at the end of a cliff. The coastline was interrupted so abruptly that I was impressed. The panorama was so splendid that our eyes could not detach from it.



Torrey Pines State Reserve


On this same tour, we visit Torrey Pines State Reserve, near the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California. During our hike, we met a rattlesnake that was zigzagging through its natural environment. Quietly and perfectly unaware of our presence. Oh! I was so happy with its carefree attitude, as I fear snakes. We are used to watching so many things on television or in videos. And at times, I think we tend to forget the thrill of an experience in the “present” reality. Watching it in real life, that snake, experiencing it, impressed me to the point that here I am, years later, telling you about it.

Grouse Mountain


Another time, we travelled to Western Canada for vacation. And I couldn’t see when I would finally arrive in Vancouver to rest and visit this wonderful place with my family. That was a challenging year, personally and professionally. I have a vivid memory of that first day. I was sitting drinking my coffee and watching Grouse Mountain.

And, in my head, I spoke to the mountain! « Grouse Mountain, you can’t know how happy I am to admire you this morning. »

I had asked my husband to pinch me. I was so enjoying the moment. That breakfast on that sunny terrace with him and my two daughters filled me up.

It is like that for me, having your breath taken away. It is not necessarily listening to an Alfred Hitchcock production! Maybe Mr. Hitchcock was talking about that fear in the stomach that you feel when you watch his movies or read Stephen King books.

There are many different ways to be scared out of your wits.

How about you? What takes your breath away?


Here is a picture of Lhom, my husband. It is a landscape that took his breath away.

America's Cup, San Francisco (credit photo Lhom)

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  1. Phrenssynnes

    Lucky you! Enjoy Tuscany!

  2. Tino Masecchia

    I totally agree and thank you for sharing such wonderful memories. I can see and feel your emotions. And yes when I’m breathless I breathe deeply.
    I feel this way at times when I ride my bike in the hills of Tuscany. The wind blowing in my face, the sun warming my back, the gentleness of the hills and I shed a tear.

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